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Angels Chords

F           C
Why are you silent?
    G            C
And why does she think
F         C      G C
You don't care?
F                 C
All day she spent crying
   G             C         F             C      G
At night she was trying to hear that you cared
Dm          C      Dm              C
Begging for mercy, acceptance, and grace
  Dm            C         Dm              C
A lighthouse to guide her way through the waves
   Dm         C               Dm           C
To see her reflection through her father's eyes
    Dm        C     Dm      C       G
And lower the scales of the worldly lies
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Verse 2
F             C         G        C       F            C     G C
Lord she's forsaken and maybe forgot for things she's done
F              C         G              C             F         C      G
She raised her voice and said words not choice, she's listening there
    Dm           C            Dm         C
The furnace of affliction has tested her strength
       Dm            C        Dm        C
On the palm of God's hand her name is engraved
Dm         C        Dm       C
Before all time and to eternity
Dm         C   Dm   C           G
There is a love that no one has seen

C          G           F            C
Where were you when He laid the foundation?
           G        F
Tell me if you understand
          C             G            F      C          
While the morning stars sang and the angels shouted
Dm        C        Dm
Take your father's hand
F             G         C
Trust in your father's (plan)

Verse 3
    F         C          G         C     F     C     G C
The season of silence is broken by focus on herself
F            C           G       C      F         C      G
Where is her joy wrapped up in a boy or something else?
Dm            C            Dm          C
She's come to see that her joy is incomplete
   Dm           C           Dm        C
If she's always looking for others to beat
Dm         C          Dm          C
Inside her soul it is playing the part
Dm           C        Dm C              G   
The child of yesterday is  still in her heart

Chorus (x2) Leave off "plan" first time through.