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Nite Time Chords

Song: Night Time
Artist: The Mogumbo Project
Transcribed by: Jerst Benson

(Also played throughout verse)

         D               F
e -------2-----|--------1---------|
B -----3----3--|------1---1-------|
G ---2----2----|----2-------2---2-|
D -------------|--3-----------3---|
A -------------|------------------|
E -------------|------------------|

When it falls...
When it falls so dark.
When the noises..
When the noises silence.
That's When...
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 D                 F
The Nite Time (The Nite Time)
 D                 C
The Nite Time (The Nite Time)
E    E
   Well, it's so fine...
 F     E      C  (let ring)
In The Nite Time
Verse 2:
When the stars...
When the stars come out.
When you can't...
When you can't see the street.
That's When...
Verse 3:
When the street lights...
When the street lights come on.
When the lighting of houses...
When the lighting of houses turn off.
That's When....(hoooooo-hooooooooo)

Chorus (2x)
End Progression after chorus...

F > E > C-repeat many times.