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Prinsesa Tab


Artist: Teeth
Album: Teeth & Dogs can fly
Words: Mike Dizon/ Glenn Jacinto
Music: Jerome Velasco/ R.Javier

Tabbed: Michael Salmo "vicor_triza@yahoo.com"
	"Who really knows what love in the dark"

Note: Inorder to assume the right sound in your guitar tune it in standard tuning thus "e-b-g-d-a-e".

   Lead(1):                 Lead(3)                         Lead(4)
e|----------0--2-------   |-------------12--14------     |----------6v--8v--------|
b|-3v----3v--------3s--   |-15v-----15v---------15s-     |-9v----9v---------9v-s--|
g|----2v---------------   |-----14v-----------------     |----8v------------------|
d|---------------------   |-------------------------     |------------------------|
a|---------------------   |-------------------------     |------------------------|
e|---------------------   |-------------------------     |------------------------|

   Lead(2)                Just select one. If you have 3 guitarist it is
e|----------------------|   quite more nice to assign which one of this lead's
b|----------------------|   suit most. Lead(2) suits for rhythm guitarist.
g|---------------9------|   Lead(1) suits for lead guitarist. Lead(3) suits
d|-9--9--9--11h---------|   for add libs/ fill in's and effects guitarist.
a|----------------------|   This kind of leads need of alternate lead cause
e|----------------------|   the effects should substitute the rhythm's job.

Chord(1)- Chord for lead(1): just strike the 1st-4th string only!
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/t/teeth/prinsesa_tab_ver_2.html ]
Chord(2)- Best for rhythm guitar (do it in a manner of powerchord)

Chord(3)- Best for lead/rhythm or effects player (do it as barrechord)

While mixing in verse1 the rhythm will chord (powerchord). Lead guitarist will play the 
thus strking it fast with the use of pick with an emotional strikes giving the music 
extended sound. The effects player will dominate the exterior sound such that plucking
of the bar chords (D-D/C#-C-G).

In the refrain part the Rhythm guitarist shall take place thus playing (A5-D5 as four 
then Gm----). The lead will pause while he/she prepare the lead (lead4). The effects will 
the 6th string which the rhythm strikes too.

In the chorus part the sound which will dominate your hearing is the sound of the lead 
the (lead4). The effects distorted its sound doing the (chord3) with only striking the 
5th & 4th string while the rhythm is stable.

In verse2 is like the verse1.
In bridge is like the refrain

Song Pattern
Intro               In mixing of jobs the rhythm shall not take place the
Verse1              job of the lead or effects it will just remain stable.
Refrain             The rhythm is the main guitar in this song. If you have
Chorus              only 2 guitarist he/she will only play, for the;
Verse2              rhythm (Lead1) & (chord1). While in the lead;
Refrain             (lead3) & (chord2).
Chorus              To give respect to the original players of this song
Bridge              please uniform your sounds to your effects.