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Heaven Coming Down Tab

Artist:The Tea Party
 Title: heavens comming down
 Album: Tryptic
 Date release 19/08/99
 Tabbed by Cory R. (Core@home.com)

 Intro (most of guitar in the song)

 Tunning Standard E
 (12 String)
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/t/tea_party/heaven_coming_down_tab_ver_4.html ]

 This is an awesome track for a 12 string which its played on but sounds cool anywayz..
 pretty much the whole song with some chords, like D, A Bm, and G just fiddle with those.
 i hope
 you enjoy this, if you want to request a tab, email me at core@home.com PEACE.