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Gone - Tea Party 

Chord Guide

 Em      Em7     C      Cmaj7    Am      B7      F

e|-0-   e|-0-   e|-0-   e|-0-   e|-0-   e|-2-   e|-1
b|-0-   b|-3-   b|-1-   b|-0-   b|-1-   b|-0-   b|-1
g|-0-   g|-0-   g|-0-   g|-0-   g|-2-   g|-2-   g|-2
d|-2-   d|-2-   d|-2-   d|-2-   d|-2-   d|-1-   d|-3
a|-2-   a|-2-   a|-3-   a|-3-   a|-0-   a|-2-   a|-3
e|-0-   e|-x-   e|-x-   e|-x-   e|-0-   e|-x-   e|-1

Verse 1

Em              Em7 C   Cmaj7       Am
broken memories in time could still shine
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but they're getting old

Em                              Em7  C
if you could see this world with my eyes

        Cmaj7   Am                 B7
you'd be so suprised at what you'd know


    Em                  Em7  C
so, if you see my angel of light

     Cmaj7      Am
with her sweet wine

could you let me know

                      F                 C
because i think she's gome again

Verse 2 (Use same chord progression as first verse)
fatal are these moments of trust

that please us and who would know
helpless in these passions of life
now strife won't let me go

so, if you see my angel of light
with her sweet wine
i think she needs to know
that i've gome again
i've really gone again
i think i'm gone again

        F               C
so lonley