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From: cakl@ensae.ericsson.se (Carlo Klein)
Subject: CRD: "Sleeping Satellite" - Tasmin Archer

I've been trying to work out this song, which sounds great
with the female vocalist in our band. It is rather
straightforward, the original is played in the key of Fm or
(as indicated in brackets) Em when capoed at the first fret.

The /slashes indicate the beat, the bass basically follows
the chord progressions.

chords used:        capo I:
Fm        133111    (022000)
Bb9       x13311    (x02200)
Cm        x35543    (224432)
C9        x35533    (224422)
Dbmaj7    x43111    (x32000)
Eb9       xx1341    (xx0230)
Gm        355333    (244222)
Ab        466544    (355433)

This is my first contribution to the net, as a repay to all
the helpful people out there. Keep up the good work! Comments,
corrections or additions are well appreciated. Remember that
I'm just a hobby guitarist as y'all..

Hope you enjoy it,


"Sleeping Satellite" - Tasmin Archer

song written by Tasmin Archer, John Beck and John Hughes
tabbed by Carlo Klein (cakl@ensae.ericsson.se) 20-02-1995

(capo I, tempo 4/4)

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/Fm                      /Bb9
    I blame you for the moonlit sky
        /Cm                       /C9
and the dream that died, with the Eagle's flight
/Fm                      /Bb9
    I blame you for the moonlit nights
        /Cm                 /C9
when I wonder why, are the seas still dry
/Dbmaj7                /Eb9             /Eb9
    Don't blame this sleeping satellite

        /Fm                               /Bb9
Did we fly to the moon too soon, did we spoil another chance
In the rush of the race, the reason we chase
is a lost in romance
/Fm                /Bb9
    And still we try
To justify the waste for a taste
Some man's greatest adventure, oh


Have we lost what it takes to advance, have we been too soon
If the world is a dream, then why does it scream
under a blue moon
We wonder why
if the earth is sacrificed for a price
of it's greatest treasure, oh


break:   /Fm    /Fm   /Gm   /Ab
         /Fm    /Fm   /Gm   /Ab  Gm

And when we shoot for the stars, what a giant step
Have we got what it takes, to carry the weight
of it's consense
Or pass it by
Like a shot in the dark, with some mark
with a sense of adventure, oh



Carlo Klein (Hengelo, The Netherlands)