Sylvers Chords & Tabs

Song name Rating
01. Ain't Nothin' But A Party Tab
02. Am I Truly Yours Tab
03. Another Day To Love Tab
04. Be My Love Tab
05. Bizarre Tab
06. Boomerang Tab
07. Chaos Tab
08. Charisma Tab
09. Clap Your Hands To The Music Tab
10. Come Dance With Me Tab
11. Come On Down To My House Tab
12. Could Be You Tab
13. Dancing Right Now Tab
14. Diamonds Are Rare Tab
15. Don't Stop, Get Off Tab
16. Even This Shall Pass Away Tab
17. Forever Tab
18. Got To Be Crazy Tab
19. Got To Have You (For My Very Own) Tab
20. Handle It Tab
21. Hoochie Coochie Dancin' Tab
22. How Love Hurts Tab
23. I'll Never Be Ashamed Tab
24. I'll Never Let You Go Tab
25. I'm Truly Happy Tab
26. Is Everybody Happy Tab
27. I Aim To Please Tab
28. I Don't Need To Prove Myself Tab
29. I Feel So Good Tonight Tab
30. I Know Myself Tab
31. I Remember Tab
32. Just A Little Bit Longer Tab
33. Keep On Keepin' On (Doin' What You're Doin') Tab
34. Let It Be Me Tab
35. Love Changes Tab
36. Love Me, Love Me Not Tab
37. Love Won't Let Me Go Tab
38. Lovin' Me Back Tab
39. Lovin' You Is Like Lovin' The Wind Tab
40. Mahogany Tab
41. Mista Guitar Man Tab
42. Only One Can Win Tab
43. (Open Up Your Heart And) Let My Love Shine In Tab
44. Play This One Last Record Tab
45. Shake 'Um Up Tab
46. Something's Gotta Give Tab
47. So Close Tab
48. Take A Hand Tab
49. TCB Tab
50. Tension Tab
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