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Sweatshop Union - The Thing About It

[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/s/sweatshop_union/the_thing_about_it_tab_ver_2.html ]
Sweatshop Union isn't that well known outside of Canada, but they do have some
kick-ass songs, and this is definetely one of them. I haven't tabbed the solo
out yet, and don't plan to in the near future. But when I do, I'll post it ASAP.

Oh and Serge, this tab is for you, man. Sorry it took so long. You can finally
learn sweatshop union [tear rolls down cheek].

This is 100%, I'm pretty sure. If you think it could be better,
just email me at it_wasnt_me_3@hotmail.com.