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Author/Artist: Superdrag
Title: I Know the Score
Album: ???
Transcribed by: Alan Hromas

	|D    G	|D    G	|D    G	|D    G	|
	|/// ///|/// ///|/// ///|/// ///|
[ Tab from: ]
	|D    	|D    	|D    	|D    	|
	|///////|///////|///////|///////| \
                                          |-play all 8 bars 2x
	|G    	|G   	|G    	|G    	| /

	|A   	|F#   	|Bm    	|D    	|

	|Bm   	|D   	|Bm    	|D    	|

	|G   	|E   	|Em    	|A    	|
	|///////|/////  |///////|///////|

Play intro again, changing chords thusly:

	Em   A             (D   G D  G)
	Iiii knoooow theee score