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Author/Artist: Superdrag
Title: Cuts and Scars
Album: Stereo 360 Sound
Transcribed by: Alan Hromas

a	577655
d	x57775
dm	x57765
f#m	244222
f#m/maj	243222
f#m7	242222
b	x24442
e	x79997
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	a	d	a	d
	i can't feel it, babe 

	f#m			d    dm
	i can't feel you walk away 
	(dm)	  a
	no, not today 
	i can't see your face 
	i can't see my razorblade 
	i'm glad i stayed 

	f#m	   f#m/maj	f#m7		b
	'cause you never let me feel you, the real you 

	d	e		   a
	cuts and scars will always fade 

	i don't want you, babe. like it matters anyway 
	but that's ok 
	i don't feel those aches 
	so go ahead and f**k those fakes 
	they're all mistakes