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Monkey Dead Tab

Sunhouse, what a great band, where are they now?

I worked this out because it's one of my favorite songs, if any one can work out the 
I would be really greatfull. Cheers.

Chords used.

Aminor (x02210)
?? (x04430)I don't know what it's called, just Aminor up two frets
C (x32010)
G (320001)

CAPO on 1st fret


Hold the AMinor shape and pluck down from the D string and then back up to the G string.
Aminor       ??    (strum down) C    G        Aminor(not gonna tab)
-------------------------------3---------2-----|strum(down, up, down, down)
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Then there's a brief pause with a bit of feedback, and you just go in to the strumming, 
cant think of a way to describe the strumming pattern, but it's dead easy if you listen 
the song. You only briefly slide up to the ?? Chord, for the word "Slow" in the first
line, then back to Am.

Am                 ??    Am

Wake me up, i'm a slow mover

Shake me up, I'm a chain groover

Kick me out, of this blood ridden bed cause..

C           G

The monkey, On the wall is dead

Am                 ??     Am    (twice with out singing)

Throw me down, down on the ground now and

Bind me up by my feet and my hands

Beat me blind, till my blood runs red cause..

C            G

The monkey,  On the wall is dead

Am                 ??      Am   (twice again with out singing)

C           G              Am

And I aint sure where it's going

And I aint sure where it's from

I aint even sure if I can make it through the night

Monkey vanish, Monkey gone

And then it goes in to the Solo, if any one works that out please stick it up, I would 
to play the whole song.