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Santeria Tab

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SANTERIA by Sublime
Transcribed by Jeremy Roswell (

I got sick of asking for the tab so I bought the CD and here's my 
rendition of Sublime's "Santeria".  The lyrics in the CD insert are slightly 
different from what Bradley actually sings so I changed them below to 
get as close as I could to the actual words sung.  All the chords should be 
barred.  The E on the 7th fret, the Ab on the 4th, the Dbm also on the 4th 
and the B on either the 2nd or more conveniently the 7th.  The chords in the 
song might all be power chords, I'm not really sure.  I put the chords along 
with the first verse and chorus so you could get the idea.  Each chord is 
strummed and muted four times in the verses.  The chorus riff I have included 
below is not exactly accurate as is my intro but they are pretty close.  I'll
try and get the solo later but I'm not sure I can do it with my acoustic.


        E                       Ab
e--------------------    e----------------
b--------------------    b---4------------
g-----9-------9-9----    g-----5----------
d---9---9---------9--    d-------6--------
a-7-------7-7-------7    a-----------6-2-4
e--------------------    e-4-------4------

        Dbm                     B
e--------------------    e---2------------
b-----------5--------    b-----4----------
g-----6-------6------    g-------4--------
d---6---6-------6----    d----------------
a-4-------4----------    a-2-------2------
e--------------------    e----------------

Chorus Riff:

  A       B       E       Dbm

From: Henry Nicholson 


As close as I could come to it at least. Oh, well, I think I 
did a damn good job on it, but you don't have to. Toy with it
some and try to make it sound better. The intro was all I got, 
but it was worth it anyway. Have fun...



..let the last note ring until the verse breaks in with
abunch of chords and such. 




From Thu May  8 14:15:29 1997
Date: Mon, 24 Mar 1997 13:36:17 -0800 (PST)
From:  chris  adkins 
Subject: tab: "santeria" by sublime


^Õtranscribed & written by chris adkins (

^Õthe last guy who tabbed this didnt get all of it, but he
did get some parts. he tried. they have programs for that, i
think. anyway, i got most of the solo here and other
^Órevisions^Ô , but if you have the audacity to complain about
my work, you can flame me at on with
tha^Ò tab.
[ Tab from: ]
^Õthis is obviously a 2- guitar song, but if you have just 
yourself, than start w/ g1, play g2 during the verse and
then switch back for the solo and choruses. for the
choruses, you might want to try to throw in some extra bass
notes (by playing the roots of the chord shape used for the
riff) for a fuller sound if you only have one guitarist. if
you are playing w/ a bassist, don^Òt bother...
^Õstd tuning
^Õintro- guitar 1- clean elec.- let ring throughout
 E5  Ab

 Dbm   B

^Õverse- guitar 2- clean elec. hits whole chord on each 
beat and unfret left hand immediately producing a 
quarter-note staccato (choppy) rhythm.
 E        Ab Dbm     B
|/ / / / |/ / / / |/ / / / |/ / / / |

^Õchorus- guitar 2, using the same strumming method as in
the verse, repeats the following-
 A   B    E   Dbm
|/ / / / |/ / / / |

 -guitar 1 repeats this riff.

^Õsolo- guitar 1 played with guitar 2 playing verse rhythm-
 -this is an approximation, some parts are ^Óiffy^Ô and sound 
decent cuz i filled in the fast parts that i couldn^Òt exactly
transcribe with other notes from the soloing scale that Brad
uses (major penatonic in E).
 for the last part of the chorus before the solo hit an E5
before playing the solo itself. 
 by the way, the end of each line of tab does not mean the
end of the measure...


 the first part under the ^Ó*====*^Ô i^Òm unsure about, and the
second part under the ^Ó*====*^Ô is definetely wrong, but it 
doesn^Òt sound too bad.

^Õoutro- guitar 1, subtituting an E5 for the last part of the 
final chorus, the plays smoothly with a ^Óslowing down^Ô feel-

 Eb5  Db5  B5   A5   B5  E?
|/    /    /    /   |/   /     ~~~