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Sex Type Thing Bass Tab

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sex type thing - by stone temple pilots
off of core
submitted by tony
read - maybe i'm just not getting it, but this tab seems to be
quite easy as compared to DeLeos work on other songs, but the
song itself is simple, so maybe not. the beat goes along with
everything else, and it's quite easy. use a low tone and fingerpick
i had the tape for this, so it's not so enigmatic as the god that
failed tab i did.

------------------------------------------ \  this is the intro, and is
------------------------------------------  | played along with the guitar
------------------------------------------  |
-0--7--7--0--6--0--5--0--0--3--3--5--3--0- /

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------------------------------------------------------------ \  this is the
------------------------------------------------------------  | verse. again
------------------------------------------------------------  | go along with
-0--2--x--x--x--x--0--2--2--0--2--x--0--2--2--0--2--x--x--x- /  the guitar

------------------------------------------------ \  this is before the
------------------------------------------------  | "here i come i come i
-3--3--3--5--5--5--7--7--7--9--9--9--11--11--11-  |  come i come" part.
------------------------------------------------ /   guess what? it goes
                                                     with the guitar

this song kicks ass, so if you don't play it good, i'll come kick your
ass. :) just kidding, have fun with it, and someone post a Sanitarium
and and Floods (pantera) tab please?
crackerman comin up next
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ok, the next one is 
group: metallica
whoops, hold...