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E? 022130
C7 032310

Repeat these two chords for the intro, verses and slide guitar
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Chorus is all standard chords
G       A                  C             
Time to take her home  her dizzy head is conscience laden
G       A                C
Time to wait to long to wait to long to wait to long
Then play this a few:
    (G5)       F7        (F?)(F7)
|---3---------1---1-------0---0--|  ..these conversations kill......

That's pretty much it, with the exception of that 
small interlude. Try it and you'll know where it
goes. The whole thing is based on a barred A chord
on the second fret. No challenge here! :)


This may not be 100% correct. With the amount of distortion
on the chorus I have a hard time picking out whether or
not there is any variance on the A & C chords.

I will tab the slide solos at another time. They are very simple,
and if you don't have a slide you can use pretty much anything 
smooth and rounded such as a bottle neck or even a Bic Lighter.
I just don't have the time to tab right now.