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Big Empty Tab

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Date: Fri, 15 Sep 1995 20:00:19 -0700
From: (Russell C. Hentz)
RE: Big Empty by Stone Temple Pilots (Purple Album)

Let me run through the complete chord set
plus a tab for the small interlude.

E? 022130
C7 032310

Repeat these two chords for the intro, verses and slide guitar

Chorus is all standard chords
G       A                  C             
Time to take her home  her dizzy head is conscience laden
G       A                C
Time to wait to long to wait to long to wait to long
Then play this a few:
    (G5)       F7        (F?)(F7)
|---3---------1---1-------0---0--|  ..these conversations kill......

That's pretty much it, with the exception of that 
small interlude. Try it and you'll know where it
goes. The whole thing is based on a barred A chord
on the second fret. No challenge here! :)


This may not be 100% correct. With the amount of distortion
on the chorus I have a hard time picking out whether or
not there is any variance on the A & C chords.

I will tab the slide solos at another time. They are very simple,
and if you don't have a slide you can use pretty much anything 
smooth and rounded such as a bottle neck or even a Bic Lighter.
I just don't have the time to tab right now. 


From: (Olivia D. Isaac)
Subject: Re: REQ: TAB for BIG EMPTY by Stone Temple Pilots

I've got only the chorus.  My bro has the verse part but won't teach me it.
(Go fig!)  Anyway, the chorus has a moving G-chord and has an E-chord in there

NOTE: I am not a very good guitar player so all I'll write is the TAB.
      You'll have to figure out the timing and such.

-------3------------5------------8---------------------------------|- `

        Time to     take her...  dizzy head is conscience laden...

Repeat the above progression  according to the song...


I'm not sure if that's right.  I have no guitar in my midst right now, but I'm 
pretty sure that that';s how it goes for the chorus. I hope this helps.


Stone Temple Pilots
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Date: Mon, 27 Oct 1997 10:38:43 -0700
From: "Ryoma (Allen)" 
Subject: Re: TAB: "Big Empty" by Stone Temple Pilots

Song: Big Empty
Artist: Stone Temple Pilots
Author(of this version): Russ Allen

This is the first time I've posted here...... and I was hesitant to 
do it at all.  I was looking through the collected versions of "Big 
Empty" just for the lyrics, because I already knew how to play the 
song.  I noticed that none of the other versions are particularly clear 
on a couple of things, and there is no tab at all for the solos before 
the verses.  Since the solos are an important part of the song, I 
figured I'd post my own version.  Before I start, I'd like to say that 
I'm not insinuating that MY way is the RIGHT way to play the song, and 
that everyone else who has posted is wrong.  All I'm saying is that my 
version is acceptable to me, and on the few occasions that I've played 
in front of a crowd, everyone there seems to agree that I appear to 
have it right.  So here it is.

Chords for the verses:

Em7: 022030
C9: 332333  The easiest way to play this chord(for me anyway) is to 
use your thumb to bar the top two strings on the third fret, your index 
finger to hit the third string on the second fret(you can lay your 
index finger across all the strings just to get that one string), and 
your ring finger to bar the last 3 strings on the third fret.  If you 
finger the chord this way, it's easy to do, it's almost like grabbing 
the neck of the guitar, you don't have to think about it.

Chords for the chorus:

G: 355433 (To me it sounds better with the barred G than the regular G)
F: 133211
C: 335553 (Again, I think it sounds better with the barred chord)

The above chords are for the "Time to take her home, her dizzy head is 
conscious laden...etc." part.  When you get to "..Conversation 
kills.."  use this chord progression:

G: 355433
F: 133211
Esus4: 022200
E: 022100

For the two E chords, play them one after the other.  When playing the 
Esus4 chord, use the regular E fingering, and just stick your pinky 
down on the fourth string down, then lift it to play the E.

When going back into the verse after the chorus, start with the C9 
chord, then go into the regular rhythm for the verse starting with Em7.

Okay, now for the solos.  There are two solos, one before the first 
verse and another before the second.  I'm pretty sure STP used a Dobro 
guitar with a slide for these solos.

(The only strings I use to play these solos are the two high stings, e 
and B.  So I won't go to the trouble of typing out all 6.  It's 
pointless.  In case you wonder why I only use these two strings, it's 
because I play this with a slide, and I'm tabbing it with that in mind)

~~   = Vibrato
x/y  = Slide up from note x to note y
x\y  = Slide down from note x to note y
x\\  = Slide from note x down until sound is gone
x//  = Slide up from note x until sound is gone
First Solo:


Second Solo:


That's it for the solos.  They play a few little runs during the 
verses, but you can improvise just using the notes you play for 
the actual solos.