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Inside Chords

Okay people, this is my first tabbing project, but this song is pretty hard to tab out,
so forgive me if there are any "mistakes"

Standard Tuning

Am         C                   D
Inside the doors are sealed to love
Inside my heart is sleeping 
Am         C             D
Inside the fingers of my glove
           F                 Am
Inside the bones of my right hand
Am          C               D
Inside it's colder than the stars
Inside the dogs are weeping
Am         C             D
Inside the circus of the wind
           F                      Am
Inside the clocks are filled with sand 
Am            C
Inside she'll never hurt me
D          F
Inside the winter's creeping
Am         C              D
Inside the compass of the night
           F              Am
Inside the folding of the land

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This pretty much carries on through out the whole song except when it goes differently.
If I can figure it out ill be sure to tab it out and post it, and though this isnt
exactly correct, I think it sounds okay.

F  1               I just figured out that if you take the finger off 
   1               of the first string of the "D" chord, it sounds good 
   2               as well.

After listening to it a few times I figured out the you have to "single pick" the strings sort of.


This is playing^^ while the song starts out sort of slow and sounds sort of wierd before
he starts singing. It sounds better with two guitars. one playing the intro piece a few
times and a backup strumming each of the following chords once:      Am       C       
D         F   play that for a few barres and then the song starts with the singing.

That is pretty much what i got out of it. If anyone has any "Inside" tabs or anything
other than this please email me and tell me.