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Magic Carpet Ride Tab

Song: Magic Carpet Ride
Artist: Steppenwolf  

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    D   D      C      G   G		   D  D	    C	        G G    G
   I    like       to       dream			 yeah		
   Right between    the sound	      machine	

When you play this, start off as a Bb chord starting on the 5th fret 
for the 2 D's, then move down 2 frets but keep you fingers like a Bb 
starting at the 3rd fret.  Then, for the 2 G chords, play it like an 
F chord starting on the 3rd fret. This just continues throughout the 
whole song except for when he goes "close your eyes girl…."

G		         Bb	           C			  G
Close your eyes girl, look inside girl, let the sound take you away….

After the last time he sings "...sound take you away..."  it goes from 
a G to an E.  That's pretty much the whole song.

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