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A Love Song Chords

Artist: Stellar Kart
Song: A Love Song
Album: All Gas..... No Breaks
Tuning: standard
Chords: All power chords

sorry it is not a tab, but listen for the rythm and it should work ok


Bbm  Am   Gm/ Gm Am Bbm/ Bbm Am Gm/ Gm Am D

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D       Am              Bbm 
You are Lord, Lord of my life
D       Am              Gm 
Every day I lift you up high
D        Am    Gm
I praise you Lord
D   Am      Bbm
My God and King
D       Am           Gm
You reign in me for eternity

I couldnt figure out the rest of the song, but i do know there is two guitars during the chorus!


This is a love song to you
a song of praise to you Lord
I kneel before your glorious throne
to show that I am yours alone
Hallelujah, I love you

Play INTro



God bless and have fun!!