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Four To The Floor Chords

Band : StarSailor
song : Four to the Floor
Tabbed by : Sh0aib Chachar.. 
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C#m          A            F#         C#m
      C#m            C#m9                  A               E         
With hand         on heart             you right from the start         
      A              E           F#
You taught    me to take      my part
    C#m             C#m9                     A         E
No cross         to bare                  no reason to care
   A              E              F#            A
my life   was all up          in air
C#m                                                 A
Four to the floor I was sure         never seeing clear
                 F#                                        C#m  
I could have it all                       whenever you are near
Verse 2:
The iron hand did not understand the plight of the common man