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With Every Wish Tab

CAPO on the 3rd
Old catfish in the lake

We called him Big Jim

When I was a kid 
                           G    D  A
my only wish was to get my line in him
        G          D
Skipped church one Sunday
             G            D
Went out and threw out my line
              G           D        G    D   A
Jim took that hook pullin me right over the side
             G             D         G              D  
Went driftin down past old tires and rusted cans of beer
    G            D              G  D  A
The angel of the lake whispered in my ear
               G           D
Son before you choose your wish
    G            D
You better think first
           G  D  Dm
Cause with every wish
      G     A D
There comes a curse

I fell in love 
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With beautiful Noreen
                                       G    D    A
She was the prettiest thing this old town had ever seen
              G                 D
But I grew jealous whenever another man
              G                D
Come walkin' down that line
                      G        D       A
My jealousy made me treat her mean and cruel
             G         D
She'd sigh "Bobby o Bobby,
         G       D
"You're such a fool
                       G      D    Dm      
"Don't you know before you choose your wish
      G          D
"You better think first
G       D     Dm
"With every wish
   G     A       D   
"There comes a curse"

These days a I sit around

And laugh at the many rivers I cross
 G       D
But on the far banks 
G           D
There's always another forest
G          A        D
Where I man can get lost
G           D
Tonight someone's waitin' with a gleam in her eye
G          D
Though my heart's grown weary 
G         A            D
And more than a little bit shy
G           D
Tonight I'll drink from her waters and quench my thirst

Leave you angels to worry
G      D
With every wish