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Expressway To Your Heart Bass Tab

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One of the first national hits (#3 R&B, #4 Pop) for future Philly-soul
mavens Gamble and Huff; Dave Marsh describes the Soul Survivors as 'what
the Young Rascals would have sounded like if they had grown up on the
other end of the New Jersey Turnpike'.  -- AWR

                       "Expressway To Your Heart"
                       (Kenny Gamble - Leon Huff)

Intro:	[car horns]

	bass doubled with piano [2X]:

	 v   v   v   v

Verse 1:

	[chords are implied by bass/piano line except during second verse
	 where organ plays chords on 2 beat of each measure]

	I've been tryin' to get to you  for a long time
	Because constantly  you been on my mind

	       v   v   v   v

	I was thinkin' 'bout a shortcut I could take

	But it seems like  I made a mistake

	(organ alone):
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	      A#m                    G#m
	I was wrong, mmm, I took too long
	       G#m               A#m
	I got caught in the rush hour
	  G#m               A#m
	A fellow started to shower
	         G#m            A#m
	You with love and affection
	               B            C#
	Now you won't look in my direction

Chorus:	[fuzz guitar doubles bass/piano riff from intro]

	On the expressway  to your heart
	The expressway  is not the best way

	(electric piano):

	           D#m               D#m/C#
	At five o'clock it's much too crowded
	        D#m/B       D#m/A#
	Much too crowded, so crowded

	(guitar enters, playing D# octaves)

	           D#m     D#m/C#
	No room for me (too crowded)
	D#m/B   D#m/A#
	Oh, too crowded

[repeat intro riff (w/organ on 2 beat), 2X]

Verse 2:

	Now there's too many  ahead of me
	They're all the time  gettin' in front of me
	I thought I could find a clear road ahead
	But I found  stoplights instead

	I was wrong, baby, I took too long
	I got caught in the rush hour
	A fellow started to shower
	You with love and affection
	Come on, look in my direction

[repeat chorus]

Coda:	(repeat to fade w/car horns):

	D#m         D#m/C#
	Oh, much too crowded
	D#m/B  D#m/A#
	Oh, so crowded

-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers