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Protect Me You Bass Tab

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From: winston campbell 
Subject: PROTECT ME YOU by Sonic Youth

What I have transcribed here is the bass part for this dark song off of
both -Confusion Is Sex- and the -Kill Idols- EP.  It is very simple and
the bass line repeats through the whole song.  I am not sure about the
guitar but it seems to not matter that much.
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The bass line for the beginning is an open E, for the rest it is:

G ------------------------------
D ---------------3-----0-----2--
A ------------------------------
E -0--0--0--0-0-----------------

That is it, the lyrics are:

Protect me from ravagement
I am ten years old
I don't know what I do
Pretect my myself
I am fourteen
There's nothing to do
Protect me yourself
I am sixteen
Protect me from starving
I am eighteen
Protect me you
I don't know what you do
Protect me from demons
That come at night
I don't know what they say
They're whispering
Sends the night air away
And makes me forget
I hope they come
Again and again
Here they come
Again and again
I hope they come again