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Forever Chords

Capo on Fourth Fret

G                                D
Sittin here just thinking about you
Am                  C
Wondering were you are
G                         D
All the time we spent together
Am                           C
Still reminds me of who you are


G           D                  Am       C
And I__________ Could laugh forever  whith you
And I__________ Could sing about you all night
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wondering were you are
know you can't be far
are you alright 
is there someone to hold you at night
in the sky i see your smile
dance among the stars
let my soul surrender
till i'm next to you

And I__________ Could laugh forever with you
And I__________ could sing about you yea
And I__________ could dream about you all night
And I__________ could laugh forever

see you standing there
cool breeze rinnin through your hair
so here i am withing you
wishing you would just come true
feeling of the pain 
comes down on me like rain

And I__________ could sing about you now that i'm by your side