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Reach For The Sky Tab

band: Social Distortion
song: Reach For The Sky

Tuning: Half Step Down (Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb)

capo 2, tab is relative to capo
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guitar 1 intro, and solo riff, with chorus effect
f |------------------------------------------------------------------|||
C |----------------------------------------*artifical harmonic on----|||
G#|-*5-4-----5-4-----5-4-------4-5-7-5-4~-2-second time is done by---|||
D#|------7-------7-------7-5-7------------2--------------------------|||muting string with right
A#|--------7-------5----------------------0--------------------------|||hand immediatly after
F |-------------------------pre chorus>-3^--striking it.-------------|||

guitar 2 intro
f |------------------------------------------for a more full sound --|||
C |------------------------------------------------------------------|||do full chords during
G#|------------------then do chords--2---5----the chorus, cool use---|||
D#|---7--9--10-12--------------------2-3-5-5--of palm mutes, and ----|||
A#|---x--x--x---x--------------------0-3-3-5--chorus/delay pedal!!---|||
F |---5--7--8--10----------------------1---3-------------------------|||

This is a pretty easy song to play.. Good luck and have fun..