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Adena Chords

     'Adena' by The Smoking Popes (RIP)
        From the superlative album 'Born to Quit'
        Words and Music by Josh Caterer
        All original tabbing done by D&J
I have tabbed what I assume is Josh's rhythm guitar - I.E. the guitar that most closely
follows the vocal melody.
Listen to the recording to hear the other harmonizing parts and the weird rhythm in part

        *Standard Tuning
        *All chords are Barred except for the intro and the E in part II.

        (Intro: D/A/F#m (acoustic) D5/C#5/B5 (distortion starts here))
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        D                   A                   F#-
        Untaken pictures of the. . .
        D5  C#5  B5 
        A   de   na
        D              A              F#m              D     E
        Tell me how to feel...
        D                        A                   F#-
        Unwhispered promise lies between. . .
        D5  C#5  B5 
        A   de   na
        D                A              F#m              D     E
        You move me with a...

        B-                        F#-                 D5/C#5/B5/A
        I can't be someone. . . . without you. . .


        B-                         F#-                 D5/C#5/B5/A
        I can see that I'm getting nowhere. . .

        D                        A                   F#-
        I wake up dreaming about days. . .
        D5  C#5  B5 
        A   de   na

        Another Ace D&J Production

"All the things one has forgotten scream for help in dreams."
                                                        -Elias Canetti