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Bigmouth Strikes Again Chords

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This is a great song
You should play it with the capo on the 4th fret
and it always feels good if you play it fast - crazy strumming!
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Aminor     Cmajor*    Dsus4*     Fmajor7    G6
E(1)--0--  E(1)--3--  E(1)--5--  E(1)--0--  E(1)--0--
B(2)--1--  B(2)--1--  B(2)--3--  B(2)--1--  B(2)--3--
G(3)--2--  G(3)--0--  G(3)--0--  G(3)--2--  G(3)--0--
D(4)--2--  D(4)--2--  D(4)--4--  D(4)--3--  D(4)--0--
A(5)--0--  A(5)--3--  A(5)--5--  A(5)--3--  A(5)--2--
E(6)--X--  E(6)--X--  E(6)--X--  E(6)--1--  E(6)--3--

...and thats all you need really. Basically its a repetitive sequence


THE SMITHS – Bigmouth Strikes Again

                  Tabbed by Keir Alexander

Standard tuning, capo 4.  It sounds as though its played on a 12- string

This is the main chord sequence that runs throughout, brackets represent subtle chord progressions that aren’t absolutely necessary 

   Am   C/g   D/a    Am     F     G/d