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Politics Music And Drugs Chords

This isnt really a NEW band...It started as the side project of Rory and Gabe of the
Impossibles(really good ska pop).  You can find it on Less than Jakes label Fueled by
Ramen.  They are really really worth looking into..this is right so enjoy.

na na na na na na

curious of many things but
too lazy to move
far enough to spread the wings
are stuck on with hot glue

F         G         C
if the cloud cover main-

tains its rain all summer I'll
F         G          C
still shine pay all wide
F         G        C
next to a tender ton
one in place of the innocent girl
F        G          C
i hard--ly understand
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perfect in most social gatherings
of no more than 10
perfectly groomed people
keeping tabs on what they spend

chor. 2
F       G         C
I don't have many ways

to tame the boring but
F       G         C
if you'd like to stay

I'll tell you all I know
F       G               Am
about politics, music, and drugs
    F       G         C
and then -- its time to go

           C  Am     Em   G    
bridge.....ooooh....aaaaaaah.....repeat til
C                       Am            
Dear, I've looked and looked for days
     Em          G
but found, only at this point I've strayed
between my ears
             Am            Em
and i could almost say a sound
        G                                C
but I'd rather sit and stare with you my Dear....repeat til end