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Love Song Chords

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From: (Alex Kam)
Date: 02/28/99

Sky "Love Song"

This song has been out for quite a while, its a huge hit in Canada 
and to those who get Muchmusic (the canadian version of MTV). I sat 
down and got most of it in an hour. Its not tabbed out, just chords 
and a few lyrics so you'll have to listen to the song to get the 
strumming pattern. Its cool, the verses has a funky rhythm. Any 
corrections, feel free to modify this, but gimme credit. Oh, and 
I'm terrible at chord names so i used numbers for chords i don't 
know the name of. Enjoy.


F#  244---

C#  -4666-
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C2  4466--

C3  4465--

G#  466---

C4  -366--

Progression for Intro and Chorus: F#  C#  C2  C3


     F#                          C#            
Your brothers they all think Iím crazy

C2                   C3
  I think itís nothing at all


F#                               G#                 C#            C4   
  And while youíre finding your way home Me Iíll be watching me a TV

F#                         G#                         C#
  And if the darkness is all you see Well then you donít know what
youíre missing


Your brotherís they all think Iím crazy

There is also another guitar that just hits this note and modulates it
with a wah pedal
to give the song more texture during the intro, chorus and end.

e ---
b ---
g -6-
d ---
a ---
E ---