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Fame Chords


By Six String Theory
Tabbed By Spike/Guitar

[D] Somethings never change [C] Caught inside this race to fame 

[D] Wiping Soulcats from my eyes I [F] See it [C] All [G] In Green

[D] No more having peace of mind [C] Finding hate in all mans time

[D] Swimming in a Sea of Kind I [F] Feel it [C] all [G] Blue

[D] Making sense of everyday While [C] sharing all my words in play

[D] All my feelings put away my [F] Soul [C] is Turning [G] Black

[C] I want it all [G] I have it all There's [F] Nothing [C] left but [G] Fear
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[C] Once my only [G] Driving force it's [C] Getting [F] Way to [G] Near Yah

[C] Getting [F] Way to [G] Near...Cause it's my

[Chorus] 2X

[D] Birthright to see the [G] Starlight...Had no

[D] Foresight about the [G] Limelight...I won the

[D] Prizefight Where's my [G] Highlight...Check my 

[D] Eyesight I can't see the [G] Daylight...Now in

[C] Hindsight I gotta get my [G] Headright...I Wanna

[C] Do Whats Right God [F] Help me [C] Through [G] The Night...God 

[F] Help Me [C] See the [G] Light...God

[F] Help me [C] Through [G] The Night...God

[F] Help me [C] See the [G] The Light