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Date: Mon, 12 Feb 96 13:52 GMT
From: (Peter Croft)
Subject: TAB: Vision Thing by Sisters of Mercy

Title:  Vision Thing
By:     The Sisters of Mercy
From:   Vision Thing

Transcribed by: P Croft (

h - hammer on
p - pull off

Main riff
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E |------------------------------------------------
B |------------------------------------------------
G |------------------------------------------------
D |--------------------------------------5--7------
A |--7--5-h7-p5-7--5-h7-p5-7--5--h7--p5--3--5------
E |--5----------5----------5-----------------------

This can be livened up a bit by introducing extra beats of the A power 
chord (although that isn't how it's played on the album).

For "It's a small world ..." drop down to B:

E |-----
B |--4-- 
G |--4--
D |--4--
A |--2--
E |-----

I tend to play the bottom two notes on every strum, and throw in
the G and B strings for variety.

I haven't yet worked out the change for "What does it take ..", but
I also haven't bothered for a while ...