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You only need to use the E and B (high) strings to play Alice, so that's all
I'll Show.

Intro... Riff A.

Riff B:
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Riff C:

Riff D:

The Sequence with which these are played is:
The Intro is played 4 times and then it goes into the main song:

Riff B    x4
Riff C    x2
Riff B    x2
Riff D    x1

This sequence just keeps going for the rest of the song.

The problems are:
	a) If your guitar is tuned differently it will sound bad.
	b) You need some kind of chorus to fill out the sound.
	c) This is from the 12". The live versions are quite different.
	   Wayne had a tendency to embellish them a little bit.

> From Thu Apr 30 02:07:31 1992

> Hey, this is minor thing, but here's how I always played the intro part:

> ||-8-0-0--7-0-0--5-0--3-5-5-2-5-5-3-0--------------------------------------------

> And one other thing...

> For the chorus pary, I was always under the impression that Hussey played a B bar chord  
> on the 2nd fret (like an A but up two) and hit the high B on the G string ( the high one.  I am  
> almost certain Wayne always used an electric 12 string for most every song.  This is part  
> of why simple parts like the rest of Alice sound so much fuller than when played on a  
> 6-string)