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Green Chords

Here's Green

CAPO II - Chords notated accordingly (IE: E sounds like F#)

Verse (Welcome to the World...)
A E Dsus2 E
A E F#m   E
(repeat as needed)

Pre-Chorus (We can't go on and on...)
Dsus2 E A F#m
Dsus2 E A Asus4 (x02230)
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Chorus (It's all so new, yeah you're so green)
A E Dsus2 E
(repeat several times then end on the Dsus2)

Bridge (When you go...) [just guessing here]
C   C/G C C/G
Am7 C/G G G

End Choruses [The ones after the "Welcome to the human race" one]
(same thing modulated up whole step) IE: E->F# and A-> B

B F# E F# (repeat & fade out)

Just improv the acapella thing at the end.