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Everybody Chords

The chord progression through the whole song kinda goes like this:

You are so sexy my love
You've got me tripping over my tongue
And I can't say what I mean
But I mean it when I say
that I fell so hard for you
that it broke my heart in two
Now I'm wrapped in black and blue
You know I'm crazy 'bout you

Should I take a chance?
Or should I sit and wonder of you?
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C            F
I wanna tell everybody everybody
            Am                        G
that you're so much more than they've ever even seen before
C                F
And I wanna tell everybody everybody
        Am                            G
If they touched your hand then they'd never want to let you go

Verse 2: 
Like a junkie to a rush
I'd trade my mama for your touch
Oh wait that might just be too much
Well I'd do anything but that
You are so tempting my dear
You strip away my useless fears
No you don't care that I'm weird
And that's amazing yeah

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