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Another Me Chords

This is "Another Me" from Sister Hazel

I'm not quite sure about the bridge but even if it's not correct it sounds
feasable (I can sing along with those chords without recognizing any "bigger" mistake).

F Bb Dm C

Bb         F
Digging in for another day
C           Dm
Carrying on in my own way
             Bb                F
But you know me I live and die nearly everyday
C                                F Bb Dm C
Insanity is having its way with me

VERSE 2 is the same to play on guitar, here are the lyrics:

These day in the gallows
I'm kneeling at the block with my neck outstretched
And I should have stayed in the shallows
But you know me I'm in too deep and
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F  Bb       
I  'm waiting for
Dm      C
Another Me
              F         Bb      
One that can change the pain of yesterday
Dm       C
Carry me through another day
    F Bb             
And I'm waiting for
Dm      C
Another me
        F               Bb
One in between the burn and the lessons learned
      Dm            C
Cause being me, it ain't no way to be


Talking law down at Murphys bar
Unhappy hour on my own last call
Helped me out on my living lie
I'm looking for luck, I can't even buy and I

CHORUS again...

Here comes the BRIDGE

Dm          C
Give me one chance at recovering
Dm          C
What was lost
Dm          C
And give me one shot at redemption
Dm        C
At any cost
Bb        Dm            C       Dm       C
Repair my way before it breaks me, don't break me

VERSE 4 is played with the chords from the chorus, don't use the Bb/F/C/Dm pattern!!

Hello did you notice me?
Can't you see that I'm stumbling down
Tired of the same old sin
I'm coming to come in back around

Then repeat the Chorus as long as you want to and as long as your audience is willing to listen.
Have fun with this song!