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Im Gonna Try Chords

Song: I'm gonna try
Artist: Shimmering Stars
Album: Violent Hearts

C# Bbm
walking down the street and i wanna kill everyone i see 
C# Bbm
how come i don't like anyone that i meet? 
C# Bbm
and despite my antipathy i am longing to be someone better 

F# Ab Bbm
in my heart is a violence that i cannot dispel 
F# Ab F# C#
i've lost my mind i'm losing you it's just as well 
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C# Bbm
i'm gonna throw on these old jeans i'm gonna head out on the street 
C# Bbm
i'm gonna dream up a new dream & i'm gonna dance to a brand new beat 
C# Bbm
i'm gonna find a new desire then i'm gonna set this town on fire 

F# Ab Bbm
i'm wearing a smile and it's fake but right now it has to be 
F# Ab F# C#
cause i know that love is the only thing that's gonna save me 

C# Bbm
i'm gonna try

end with F# Ab Bbm I think.

- I don't have a guitar in front of me, that's from memory - hope it helps.

- Veedub