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Boat Song Tab

			     BOAT SONG - Shihad
Tabbed by: G
Email: whateva@whateva.we

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

This is pretty bare, but you get the idea. The whole thing's basically just the same
C-F chord progression.

Intro & Verses


    C   F               C   F

Play twice through for the Intro, then Verse 1...

    All of us connected
    All of us on the same road home
    And if one should fall or falter
    Then we all reach down together as one, and we lift them up again

The actual chorus is played on a piano, but I generally just pick or strum the same
C and F chords as the Verses and it sounds OK.
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[C]  [F]               [C]   [F]  
           Only in our world
                   [C]   [F]  
Could we find some meaning
                  [C]   [F]
So we created our own
                  [C]   [F]      
Still here today

The second verse mostly uses this little variation

E|-------------------|--- -----(1)---(1)-----|

    C   F             C   F
    I had a dream, I was lost at sea
    All of you, afloat on the same boat home
    Please throw me a line, I think I'm drowning
    So you all leant over to pick me up, and we spent the rest of the night swimming

Chorus: Same deal as above.

[C]  [F]                     [C]  [F] 
           Nobody's falling apart
                             [C]  [F]
Don't need to know what your thinking
                     [C]  [F]
Kissed the world goodbye
                     [C]  [F] 
And then we ran away
            [C]  [F]
Only in our world
                   [C]  [F]
Could we find some meaning
                  [C]  [F]
So we created our own
                  [C]  [F]
Still here today