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Anything But Down Chords

Artist: Sheryl Crow 

   Song: Anything But Down 

   Album: The Globe Sessions. 

   Tabbed by Gemini. 

   Hi there! This is the first time that I'm tabbing, so bear with me.
   I am also a musician and maybe someday you'll be tabbing my
   songs…. (hey, wishful thinking never hurt anyone!). Well, here goes: 

   Tuning: standard (E A D G B E) 

   There are parts for two guitars here, but it sounds ok if you play only Guitar
   1's (G1) part too, which is what I do. Or if you can find
   a friend then they can play Guitar 2 (G2), a lead. 

   Weird chords:


   E |----0---|
   B |----0---|
   G |----2---|
   D |----0---|
   A |----0---|
   E |----2---| 

   'p': pull off 
   'h': hammer on 
   'B': bend 
   's': slide 

   Intro: (G1) Em x 8 bars (32 beats) 

   Intro: (G2) 

   RIFF 1:

   Bar 1 G1 enter Bar 2

       E |-------------|---0h2p0-------------------------- |----0h2p0--------------------|
       B |-------------|-----------------3s2-----0-------- |-----------------3s2-----3---|
       G |-------------|---------------------------------- |-----------------------------|
       D |----2h4----- |-------------------------------2h4 |-----------------------------|
       A |-------------|---------------------------------- |-----------------------------| 
       E |-------------|---------------------------------- |-----------------------------|


       Repeat RIFF 1 twice. 


   Em D Am C

   I light your cigarette, I bring you apples from the vine 

   Em D Am C

   How quickly you forget, I run the bath and pour the wine

   Em F#/A C

   I bring you everything that floats into your mind 

   G D Am C

   Now you don’t bring me anything but down (repeat x 3)


   When you come round


   Em D Am C

   You are a raging sea, I pull myself out everyday 

   Em D Am C
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   I plea insanity, ‘cause I can't leave and I can't stay

   Em F#/A C 

   You say won’t you come find me and yes is what I’ll say

   G D Am C

   You don’t bring me anything but down (repeat x 2)

   Em D Am C

   And everything is crashing to the ground

   G D

   Maybe I'm not the perfect kind

   Am C

   Maybe I’m not what you had in mind 

   G Am C 

   And maybe we’re just killing time 

   inst. (G1) G D Am C G D Am 

   inst. (G2) 

   e |---3s7---8---10---12s5---3h5p3h5---7---8---10---12s5---5p3---3h5---3s0---| 

   (high e, the thinnest string)

   Em D Am C

   You with your silky words, and your eyes of green and blue

   Em D Am C

   You with your steel beliefs that don’t match anything you do

   Em F#/A C 

   You were so much easier before you became you.

   G D Am C

   You don’t bring me anything but down. (repeat x 2)

   G D Am C 

   And everything just crashes to the ground.

   G D Am C

   When you come around.

   G Am C 

   When you come around ..

   G D

   Well no more playing seek and hide, 

   Am C 

   No more long and wasted nights,

   G D Am C

   Can't you make it easy on yourself.

   G D

   Well I know you wish you were strong,

   Am C

   You wish you were never wrong, 

   G D Am (end by strumming once down on the Am cord.)

   Well I got some wishes of my own.



   Thanks for your patience and enjoy the song. Any queries, comments,
   or if you know something I don’t, then please feel free
   to contact me: