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Abilene Chords

Abilene - Sheryl Crow


A      x02220
D/F#   xx423x
Em7    x2003x
Bm     x24432
E*     xx2100
C#m    x46654
E      022100

[INTRO:]  A  D/F#  A   [Listen to the song for strum pattern]

A		  D/F#         A
Can't you see I'm holding your flag
A                D/F#        A
The one that you left on the ground
            Em7       Dadd9     A
Well is the world too heavy for you
      Em7                         Dadd9
If it makes you feel better, I'll carry it, too

No one's gonna stand in your light
Impressions are easy to fight
But until you turn to me and say
You don't need anyone to carry the weight, I will stay

[ Tab from: ]
Bm  E*
D                   A
Bring it on home to me
Bm  Dadd9
D        D/F#       A
Isn't it good to be free

Can't you see I'm wearing your shirt
The one with the heart on the sleeve
Everyone can see you've been hurt
But honey don't give up on me
When you gonna make up your mind
When you gonna get out of bed
Well everyday you're gonna find
Broken promises are no worse than words never said

Bm  E*
D                   A
Bring it on home to me
Bm  D
	      C#m       A   E
You're always giving it all away

         D		 C#m            A        E
Then you want someone to come along and save the day

Well you make it much too hard


Bm  E*
D  	                 A
You can bring it home to me
Bm  D    A  D/F#  A
Abilene  Oh oh....


[LEAD OUT:]  A  D/F#  A