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I Miss You Chords

i miss You 
by shane barnard and will hunt 

D/G   300232
D/F#  200232
Em    022033
Asus  x02230
A     x02220
G     35543x or 3x0233
Bm    x24432

D/G                 D/F#
put down your paper plate
D/G               D/F#
come to the table made
D/G          D/F#  
deep blue china
found on the table by the wine
so fine

it brings out flavor
 A                           G
like You bring out color in life
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Bm  G          A        Bm
oh, 	i miss You so
the feel of forever
Bm G             A    Bm
oh,   that taste i know
it hurts to remember

D/G           D/F#
unfortunately high
D/G              D/F#
ironically dissatisfied
        G         D/F#
i miss You
          G         D/F#
i miss You
i miss You


E        A                           E
i had a fleeting thought this morning
        A	        E
and i mentioned you today

    Bm                     D
it breaks my heart just to know You in part
           G                     A         
and not to be with You where You are