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Something Else Chords

By: Steffan

Its looks messy but if you listen you will be able to figure it out unless you're
a complete moron.

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             D D                 
Look at that  
             D D    
Here she comes
A-B-C# D    C#-D       C#-D
       Here comes that girl again
A-B-C# D          C#-D             C#-D
       One of the cutest since I don't know when
D#  E                   D#-E
But she don't notice me when I pass
    C#-D                        C#D
She goes with all the guys from outta my class
    E                         D
But that can't stop me from a thinkin' to myself
A                               A
"She's sure fine lookin', man, she's something else"


Rest is the same

Look at that
'Cross the street
There's a car built just for me
To own a car would be a luxury
But right now I can't afford the gas
A brand new convertible is out of my class
But that can't stop me from thinkin' to myself
"That car's fine lookin', man, it's something else"

Hey, look at that
Just wait and see
Worked hard and saved my dough
I buy that car and then I roll up with Joe
Get me that girl and we go ridin' around
We look real sharp with the wide top down
I keep on dreamin' and thinkin' to myself
"When it all comes true, man, well that's something else"

Hey, look at that
Watch out this
Never thought I'd do this before
But here I am a-knockin' on her door
My car's out front and it's all mine
It's a '41 job not a '59
I got that girl and I'm thinkin' to myself
"She's sure fine lookin', man, well she's something else"