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Lullaby Chords

bago muna ang lahat ulet!!!!!!! hehehehh
hi nga pala kay ms. celeste v. celeste! aheheh

Intro: D-Em-G..

Verse 1:

D   Em                G
Ooh now hold me tight 
Please make me feel alright
D   Em                G
Ooh I'm caught in a cloud
Please say my name out loud

Pre Chorus:

Bm-A          G            Bm
And sing me a song tonight
   A                G
While the stars are all in sight

[ Tab from: ]
D                   F#
Now I have a lullaby to sing 
So I wont cry
Bm                                  G
Your memories come late at night it burns
To guide me to the light

Verse 2: (do chords in verse 1)

Ooh you weave all my dreams 
So endless so it seems
Ooh now under the moonshine
We can defy the time

All is well my love

un nA! pakinggan nio nlng ung song para sa pagkakasunodsunod;

Long live sessOnroad! thx kay hannah romawac sa pag sign ng autograph sa cel ko
chka sa mga pictures! danda! astig!

hi ulit sa tropapips!lamnio na kung sino kau!lalo na sa babaeng pinakakamahal ko! si
celeste! gosh! u inspired me to do this! well.. all i can say is...thenks!!! miss u na
kala muba!! hehehehe 
,\m/ rock on philippine music!