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Blackbird Fly Away Chords

Blackbird Fly Away 

C                  G
Like a broken basketball
on a dirty backyard court,
      C                G
I was unable to roll away
but I have air now
C          G            F
Up this ladder, I keep climbing
   C                        G
trying to reach a little farther
dig my hands into the water

breaking up the storm
(and there she goes)
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        G          F
Blackbird, fly away
Am       G         F
into the hollow sky
Am          G          F
Blackbird, take me with you
'cause I can't fly
       G         F
I'll hold on tightly
(but I can't fly)
Am G F

(Repeat Verse Chords)
Looking up , I reach out
stealing falling feathers
as they tumble to the ground
it's strange how they
work  so well for you
while slowing me down
(blackbird, I envy you)

(repeat chorus)

          Am               G
I could leave here on my own
if my heart was not so heavy
Am               G
maybe you can teach me
how to swim in the sky

Blackbird, fly away
into the hollow sky
Blackbird, take me with you
'cause I can't fly
I'll hold on tightly

{Verse C G F x5
Chorus C G F x1
      Am G F x4
Bridge Am G F x2}