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Date: Thu, 30 Nov 1995 13:21:55 -0500
Subject: CRD: Screeching Weasel, "Every Night"

"Every Night"
performed by Screeching Weasel
written by Ben Weasel
(C) 1993 No Budget Productions
(P) 1993 Lookout! Records
from the Lookout! Records release Anthem For a New Tomorrow (LK 76 LP/CS/CD)
transcribed by Mike Ripplinger (

* (pm) = palm-muted
* The F chord is played X 8 10 10 X X X, not 1 3 3 X X X

["Every Night"]

[Bass begins alone, playing the verse once.  Drums enter the second time
through.  When the drums enter, turn on distortion or turn up your volume
dial to create mild feedback.  Guitar enters the third time through, when the
words start.]
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G#                       C#
   I'm not feeling human anymore
D#                        F     C#
   Half connected all the time
G#                           C#
   Each night I document the things I've done
D#                                    F               C#
   The pointless points I've made for stupid reasons

      G#           D#           C#
Every night, every night, every night I'm always the same
You're pounding on my brain
  G#              D#          C#
Tonight and every night I lie down clenching up my teeth
Trying to fall asleep

[G# / D# / C#] x2

I've sat and smoked a billion cigarettes
And wished to hell that you were here
My stained and calloused fingers hold a pen
Scratching apologies to you, too late, too little

 Every night, every night
 Every night I pay off my debts
 Trust me, I don't forget
 Tonight and every night I will analyze everything
 And make myself count the ways
C# (strike chord once and let hang)
   I fucked up today

[G#(pm) / D#(pm) / C#(pm)] Play this progression through the end, taking the
palm mutes out when the drums start slamming hard (real technical, I know.)

Lead riff -- played at the end
(keyboard transcribed for guitar)

and repeat