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[ A / D / F# / E / D ]

A      D              F#               E                 D
D.I.Y. Why because we hate you and the dumb look on your face
A      D                F#             E            D
D.I.Y. Why because your band's another weak charity case
    F#                   D                    A             E
Our shows should be five bucks or less, we'll do it for the kids
F#              D           A            E
Two legs good, MTV bad, and major labels suck     

 No fucking shit

[ A / D / F# / E / D ]
[ Tab from: ]
A         D             F#            E              D
D.I.Y. is simply your only excuse for why you always fail
A               D
Initials on the flag you wave
          F#             E             D
When your shitty records won't sell anywhere
F#           D               A             E
Politics and social comment, twenty dollar words
      F#              D             A
Won't make your lousy music go down easier
You can't polish a turd
A(pm)        D(pm)     F#(pm)            E     (pm)  D(pm)
D.I.Y. means do it yourself because it's what you    want
A(pm)            D(pm)
      It doesn't clean the slate when
F#(pm)          E(pm)  D(pm)
Everything gets all fucked  up
A(pm)                D(pm)        F#(pm)          E(pm)   D(pm)
      What would you do you phony fuckhead if you hit it       big?
A             D
  Stop acting better than me
F#                  E       D      A / E
We both know you're full of shit

[ A / D / F# / E / D / A / E ] x2

[ End on A ]