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Rock You Like A Hurricane Bass Tab

Rock You Like A Hurricane by Scorpions
Written by R.Schenker,K.Meine,H.Rarebell
Bass performance by the "one and only" F.Bucholz
Transcribed and tabbed by F.Parise(

I saw that there was only 1(!!!)basstab from the great teutonic hard 
rockers,so i decided to transcribe this one,who's one of my favourite.
It's a great song,very easy & funny to play!!!!There's probabily some 
erors,but u get the idea!!!


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How to play this song:
Fig1(in with the drums)
Fig2(during the 1°guitar solo)
Fig3(in at "The bitch is hungry...")
Fig2(during the chorus)
Fig3/4(in at "My body's burning...")
Fig2(during the
     chorus & 2°guitar solo)
Fig3/4(in at "My body is burning...")
Fig2(during the chorus)

Try to improvise on teh A-string when you play Fig3/4
I hope you'll enjoy it!!!!!
For any corrections,questions(about the band),or suggestions
mail me!!!

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