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Angel Chords

Angel by Sarah Mclachlan         Chords by Frank Metier

Capo-1st fret girls, 4th boys

Intro: C - - -Fdom- - -Gsus- - -G - - - Dm7 - - - Fdom - - - G(c,d,c,b)
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Verse 1               dm      Aaug         F      G
"Spend all your time waiting     for that second chance"
         C                Fmaj7     G11  
"For the break that would make it okay"
 G                     dm    Aaug         F         G
  "There's always some reason     to feel not good enough"
          C           Fmaj7      G11
"And it's hard at the end of the day"
 G                Dm7      Aaug       F - - -      G
  "I need some distraction,         a beautiful  release" 
 C              Fmaj7  G11
"Memories seep from my veins"        
 G             Dm7 Am(#5)    Fmaj7           G11
 "Let me be empty,    oh and weightless, and maybe" 
 G      C         Fmaj7  Esus4(4/2finger-slide> G(d--c--b---)
  "I'll find some peace  to                     night" 
        C    Cmaj7  C    Cmaj7
"In the arms of the angel,"
       Em - -(d) - - (G) - -(d)
"fly away from here" 
           F     F11     F
"From this dark, cold hotel room," 
         C      Fmaj7          G11   G
"and the endlessness that you fear" 
         C      Cmaj7    C       Cmaj7
"You are pulled from the wreckage" 
         Em - -(d) - - (G) - -(d)
"of your silent    reverie" 
               F    F11     F
"You're in the arms of the angel
         C- - - - - G11  G            C
"may you find            some comfort here."    

"Added Bridge"   (from Verse 1 chorus to Verse 2 (not in original, add your own lyrics )
Each letter worth one beat
lower case letters = held notes
^ denotes Upward direction of pitch. Downward if not present
[- - - - - -] Barlines,  6/4 measure
Melody:[EEEEEE]  [EDC ^ D C^ D]  [EEE FF F ] [ggg   ee ^ F ] [dddccc][bbbb--]
        Fmaj7 - - C - G(d,C,d )  Fdom  Dm7  e(G     e    F)  G6 G11  G
Verse 2
"So tired of this straight line, and everywhere or you turn" 
"There's vultures and thieves at your back"  
"The storm keeps on twisting, you keep on building the lies" 
"That you make up for all that you lack." 
"It don't make no difference, escaping one last time"   
"It's easier to believe" 
"In this sweet madness, oh this glorious sadness" 
"That brings me to my knees." 

Definetely my own interpretation. Did not really work from Sarah's piano arrangement.
Which is awesome.But, apples and oranges. Thought the piece needed a bit more harmonic
color when played on guitar. Hope Sarah doesn't mind. "Added Bridge" is my own invention.
Disregard if you wish. Pretty though and provides a nice bridge from chorus 1 to verse 2.
Melody is stepwise except for 3rd down from Gto E at the end.
Frank Metier