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Feel Us Shaking Chords

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From: (William Webb Dryfoos)

Feel Us Shaking
          The Samples

Intro: ( picking )    D Em G

Verse1: ( picking, slow changes )
D                         Em                 G     
        Gentle thoughts meander through the sands,
D                         Em                 G          
        As the ship-made currents reach the land.
D                           Em                  G        
        The omniscient sun paving through the sky
D                          Em                 G          
        and when it's done all the seabirds fly.
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Verse2: ( picking, same chords)        
        I'd like to stay, but I couldn't stay with you
        I have to go.  I have alot I want to do.
        'cause pleasures be, waiting by the sea
        with a smile for all the world to see.
Chorus: ( strum chords with fast changes )        
        G                 D                Em
        Diamond waves to sunlight days go by.
            G            D            Em
        So beautiful to be here and alive.
                  G                  D             Em      G
        Though I build sometimes so hard did I survive
        ( back to slow picking )          
                  D          Em             G
        Feel us shaking.
                  D          Em             G
        Feel us shaking.

Repeat for Verse3 and Verse4 w same chorus.

Note:  On the Leno show, Sean Kelly picked the last string on the D 
       with the pinky off and then on to get a little sound to set 
       up his voice.
       Do this on every D except in the chorus.
Webb Dryfoos,
GWU Office of Residential Life
Computer Operations			
			"Lader hosen."