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Reasons Chords

Capo on 4th Fret

For the first part of the verse riff He uses a D..hammers on to a Dsus4 and then pulls
off to a D and off again to a Dsus2.  Listen to the song to understand a little better
since its Kind of hard to explain...and of course to get the timing

D*=The Dsus riff explained above

INTRO: D,Dsus4,D,Dsus2,Bm, A x4
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/r/ryan_cabrera/reasons_crd.html ]
D,Dsus4,D,Dsus2          Bm        A
Well if you ever become one of them
D*                                     Bm      A   
Listen up real closely, cause I won't tell you again, boy,
D*                         Bm                    A
And even though I know the bad times never hurt you
D*                             Bm          A              G 
A run in with the wrong crowd, Can never, you never hurt
G       Bm           A           G         G
If you believe in yourself now sometimes
Bm                    A
Then I'll believe in you

               D         G         Bm        A
That there's reasons darling you'll never know
               D     G        Bm           A  
And I can't even start to explain how they go
               D        G        Bm        A
Yah there's reasons I'm asking you now to hold on
                    G          Bm         A
Yeah and don't you leave me alone in this life
Yeah, in this life
(End of Chorus)