Roy Harper Chords & Tabs

Song name Rating
01. Another Day Chords
02. Big Fat Silver Aeroplane Tab
03. Black Cloud Of Islam Chords
04. Davey Chords
05. Dont You Grieve Chords
06. Feeling All The Saturday Tab
07. Forever Tab
08. Francesca Tab
09. Goldfish Bowl Tab
10. Hangman Chords
11. Highway Blues Chords
12. Hors Doeuvres Chords
13. How Does It Feel Tab
14. Ill See You Again Chords
15. I Hate The Whiteman Chords
16. Mcgooghans Blues Tab
17. Me And My Woman Chords
18. October The 12th Chords
19. Same Old Rock Tab
20. Short And Sweet Chords
21. Tom Tiddlers Ground Chords
22. Twelve Hours Of Sunset Chords
23. When An Old Cricketer Chords
24. You Dont Need Money Chords