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Small Talk Chords

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 Roxette: Small Talk
 Written by Per Gessle
 Trans. Ben Sinclair (

 It's not the chapters he reads when you're feeling low down.

 It's not the touch of his skin when you kiss him goodnight.

                                                     C         F C G
 It's not the money he spends when you want to buy a daydream.

                                               C       F C G
 and not that miracle smile that makes the sky bright.

                                                        C      C
 It's not the way his hands behave when you turn out the light.

 [Chorus 1]:

          D     G           A         G            D       G A G
 It's the small small small talk that makes it all happen.

 D     G           A         G                 B    A      G      B A
 Small small small talk that makes you want to fly, yes it does.

                                            D         G D A
 It's not the way he beleives in you like a religeon.
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                                                        D      G D A
 It's not the thrill that you get when he's holding you tight.

                                                    D      D
 It's not the way his eyes persuade you to stay the night.

 [Chorus 2]:

          E     A           B         A            E        A         B     A
 It's the small small small talk that makes it all happen. (just like that)

 E           A     B         A                   C#      B      A     C# B
 Small small small talk that makes you feel like flying, yes it does.

 A           E
 Information heart and soul

   A          E
 A whisper, A word

 A                A          B
 Confessions that have to be heard.
             E (high) B A E(low)   E(high) B A E(low)
 Small small talk.

                                              C B

 [Chorus 2]

 A E
 A E
 A A B
 D A

 [Chorus 2] to fade.